Not a Bad Apple After All

15 Mar

Bitchin’ Moment of the Day:

For the first time in a long time, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Life today could only be better if I had Orlando Bloom here to hand me a million dollars and rub my aching shoulders. 🙂

Some know that we have been trying to work on the oldest’s “behavior” issues at home and at school. My son is not the worst child on planet Earth. Hell, he’s not the worst child on my block, but he has been quite obstinate at school and at home.

My son likes to talk. A LOT. I wonder where he gets that from? He NEVER shuts up. I’ve even found him talking in his sleep. Something else he’s inherited from me. Just ask the hubby about ‘Lucy, the wiener dog.’ Yeahhhh…..

He only wants to do what HE wants to do no matter where he’s at. We have to remind him constantly that we are the adults and he is not. His teacher has to remind him that she is the teacher (sometimes that’s debatable) all the time. This is the same kid that missed trick-or-treating last year because he REFUSED to do what we asked. We even gave him an insane number of chances so we wouldn’t feel guilty for taking away a holiday. No guilt necessary. He didn’t give a shit.

You’re wondering what the good news is by now. The good news is, we consulted a psychologist that works for the school district to have him evaluated. We weren’t looking to have him put on medication or anything like that. We just wanted to see if he would be classified as ADD and if he was the huge distraction in class that his teacher portrays him to be sometimes. Turns out, not so much.

The psychologist said she thinks he’s very bright, articulate and somewhat of a perfectionist. Again, I wonder where he gets that part from. She said he gets things very quickly and retains it. He tends to get frustrated if he does not master something right away and would rather give up than fail at it again. Another one of my bad traits. The apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree.

She observed him in class and said the only time he started to act up was during downtime or when he was bored with what was being taught. He already knew what they were going over so he would tune out. When she talked to his teacher about that observation, his teacher confirmed that he was bored with the material they were covering since he already knew it. What the…..? Seriously? I’ve had this conversation with his teacher several times. I asked her if he was acting up because he was bored and she assured me that he was not bored and they were going over stuff he didn’t know. Uh huh.

The psychologist recommended having him tested for the gifted program so he’s challenged more in school. She felt that would help alleviate some of the acting out since he wouldn’t be bored. (I tried to have him tested before he started school but no one would ever call me back.) She also gave us some ideas to try out at home to help curb some of the undesirable behaviors. I tried one of them this afternoon and it totally worked. I have hope that things are going to be different, better.

I’m sure I’ll still have plenty of things to bitch about concerning my son in the future. Hopefully, him acting up in school isn’t one of them. And if some of the tools the psychologist gave us to use at home work, maybe I can get him to stop talking incessantly. Thereby giving me more quiet time to devote to my Orlando fantasies. 🙂


One Response to “Not a Bad Apple After All”

  1. Amber Girdley March 15, 2011 at 9:23 am #

    Congratulations! That’s awesome. You’ll have to share some of those tips with me. Maybe they’ll work with Garrett! I am willing to try ANYTHING.

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