Completely Useless Information on Moi!

6 Jun

Bitch of the Day:

I am devoid of any original ideas at the moment.

Since the Rapture didn’t happen and it seems we’ll be around a while longer, I thought I’d share a few useless insights as to who I am. Plus, I can’t think of anything else to post that’s not political or mundane. I stole this from Erik at Gambrinous with Griffonage, whom I absolutely adore. If you are in NW Arkansas and need a tattoo, he’s your man. Or, if you need a new ‘do, his husband is your man. They make the world a more beautiful place, one person at a time. 🙂

4 Things

4 Things I need to spend more time on in my life:
1. Having unadulterated fun with my children and husband;
2. Getting my finances under control;
3. Finding a passion for something, anything. I don’t think bitching counts;
4. Relaxing.

4 Things I need to spend less time on in my life:
1. Facebook;
2. Resentment;
3. Trying to keep my children clean;
4. Worrying about money.

4 Things I wish I could spend more time on in my life:
1. Traveling to somewhere besides Walmart;
2. Family and friends;
3. Laughing (I concur, Erik);
4. Sleeping. This should be number 1.

4 Things I love about myself:
1. My sense of humor;
2. I am as loyal as the day is long;
3. My compassion for others;
4. My ability to talk to anyone – and talk and talk and talk.

4 Things I hate about myself:
1. My temper;
2. At 34, I still have body image issues;
3. My inability to let shit go – I hang on to it like luggage;
4. I let others control my mood; like the shitheads at Safeco Insurance.

4 Things I love that I used to hate:
1. Spicy foods. The ol’ taste buds must be dying;
2. Flip flops. Seriously. I cringed at the thought of them before because they raped my feet. Now they’re pretty much all I wear;
3. Speaking in front of others or anything that drew attention to me. I must love it now, I write a frickin’ blog;
4. Taking naps. Man, I was dumb before kids.

4 Things I hate that I used to love:
1. Miracle Whip. Foods aren’t supposed to have a “wang” to them. Unless there’s a wang in it;
2. Bikinis. ‘Nuff said;
3. Shopping. The kids have sucked the Shopping Diva right out of me;
4. Extremely loud music/tv (except at concerts, of course.) I have to nag the hubby all the time to turn shit down.

4 Things I look forward to:
1. Watching my children grow up, go to college, get married, have children, etc.;
2. Vacations. And lots of them;
3. The kids’ bedtime;
4. Any opportunity to hold conversations with people over the age of 5.

4 Things I dread:
1. Watching my children grow up, go to college, get married, have children, etc. It means they won’t be with me everyday;
2. Losing anyone close to me. I have panics attacks at times due to my anxiety over death;
3. Paying bills. I’d rather clean a toilet than deal with my lack of funds;
4. Hurricane season this year. With all the devastating tornadoes this past month and the shit winter everyone had, I fear we’re in for a rough ride.

4 Things I once believed in but no longer do:
1. Complete trust in any one person. Humans can and will fail you, eventually;
2. With hard work, you’ll go far. Hard work don’t mean shit in a recession;
3. You can save someone from themselves if you try hard enough (or give them a thousand chances or loan them money or put a roof over their head or try to reason with them, etc.);
4. My ass will return to its former glory after I lose the baby weight. I miss my pre-baby ass.

4 Things I believe in that I didn’t use to:
1. Forgiveness is possible, no matter how greatly you have been hurt;
2. No matter how much I bitch, my hubby will never put his damn clothes in the hamper instead of on the floor NEXT to the hamper;
3. Saving for a rainy day;
4. Counseling/therapy. Sometimes you need a mediator. Sometimes you need someone to call you out on your shit.

4 Things I love to do but I’m bad at:
1. Sing. Even if I can keep pitch, I don’t know half the words to the songs I’m trying to sing;
2. Art projects with my kids. My OCD doesn’t leave a lot of room for creativity, which sucks for a five year-old;
3. Being photographed. I always want to be in pictures (since I’m usually the one taking them) but when I do make it in one, Quasimodo stands in my place. Photogenic, I am not;
4. Keeping up on this blog. I gotta carve out some more time to focus on it.

4 Things I hate to do but I’m good at:
1. Cleaning. I’d rather the hubby do it but I know it’d be half-ass and I’d wind up going behind him anyway;
2. Organizing files, rooms, photos, etc. I like the idea of an organized house or office, but I think I’d rather eat paint than have to do all the work;
3. Deal with certain people because I’m related to them or bound to them in some way;
4. Apparently I’m good at being a bitch. Without trying most days. While I hate for anyone to think badly of me for me being – well, me – all I can say is that I won’t sugarcoat the truth to make anyone feel better nor will I ignore facts or logic to validate someone’s views/opinions/beliefs. I call it like it is and if they can’t deal, they can grow thicker skin or get the fuck out.

4 Things I did that I am ashamed of:
1. Played with someone’s heart that didn’t deserve it;
2. The later half of the 90’s were filled with a lot of drug use. Luckily, I was able to walk away from that lifestyle easily with no lasting repercussions;
3. Let a secret slip that led to someone’s divorce;
4. I used to watch Rush Limbaugh regularly. In my defense, I was 15 and not fully capable of understanding the level of his doucheocity. I watched it because the “grown folks” watched it.

4 Things I did that I’m proud of:
1. Managed to still be married after 11 years in a marriage NO ONE thought would last;
2. Had 3 of the most beautiful babies (in my opinion LOL) when I wasn’t supposed to be able to have any;
3. Sold my last home in an unsellable market in under 30 days because of my mad staging skills – WHAT?!;
4. Conquered my fear of speaking in front of others.

4 Things I didn’t do that I regret:
1. Finish college;
2. Keep a better eye on her;
3. Save for a rainy day because it’s been pouring like a mofo for a while;
4. Insist on a c-section with my first-born. That would have saved me from a huge pain in the ass. Literally.

4 Things I want before I die:
1. Travel the world. There’s way too many places for me to list. Although, it’d be nice to get some use out of those Japanese lessons;
2. Learn to play the violin again;
3. To just be content. Happy with who I am, where I’m at and what I have;
4. See my kids achieve success and happiness in whatever it is they do with their lives.

Bitchin’ Moment of the Day:

A lot has been going on since I last posted.

Lil’ Man turned one year-old on the 26th. It’s amazing how the time flies by. He looks so much like my oldest son but completely different at the same time. He’s so sweet it makes my heart squeal. And he loves him some Mommy. He forsakes all others for me and while it can be a nuisance when I need to do something, it secretly makes me feel like the most special person on Earth that he chooses me.

His party was a success. We had a great turnout of family and friends for the festivities. I believe it was the first time we’ve all been together since the funeral in January. Looking around the room while everyone was here, I was saddened because of the one missing. He loved being with his grandkids and he always made it to their parties when he could. It’s still unbelievable that he’s gone. As strange as it sounds, I sometimes forget he’s no longer here. If there’s a question I have or advice I need about gardening stuff or household projects, I instantly think, ‘Oh, he’ll know how to do that…….wait.’ The void left is still expanding months after his passing. I really miss him and the relationship we were finally building after so long.

In happier news, the Hubby and I have made strides in the race against debt. We consolidated some of the bigger bills at a ridiculously low-interest rate so more money is going to the balance rather than interest. We also have set up a budget plan. It will take a few years, but we will be debt-free sooner than we ever imagined possible. I can now breathe. Can I get a “Hell Yeah!”?

Another item of note: I now weigh the same as my hubby. That has NEVER happened. I’ve always weighed more than him. I’m currently wearing a size I haven’t seen since 7th grade. That fact brings about a feeling of euphoria I cannot even describe.

I think that’s enough for now. I’ll try to post an actual blog by week’s end. To all of you still reading, thanks for hanging around. I promise, something will piss me off soon enough to write a proper bitch. 🙂

Later Bitches!


5 Responses to “Completely Useless Information on Moi!”

  1. Heather June 7, 2011 at 12:20 pm #

    Hell yeah! I don’t cuss (to you anyways), but u asked for it. lol

    • bitchinmommy June 7, 2011 at 11:31 pm #

      LOL! I’m so frickin’ dumb. I was like, “What the hell is she sayin’ Hell Yeah for?” Apparently, you are not the only blonde in our family. 😉 Love ya.

  2. Geri June 7, 2011 at 9:22 am #

    Hey Girl, Yeah, it does suck about the car. I’ve had it since Jan. 26th so it’s over 3 months. They are literally replacing the entire electrical, computer system. They are waiting for parts from FORD. Supposedly these new parts have been re-designed from the design flawed one origianlly in the car (we shall see). Although I did not buy the “extended warranty” which included a rental car they gave me a rental anyway. I think they feel really bad about this. At least the Service Manager does. He’s the one who was truthful with me about it being a design flaw that FORD made to try to get the cars out quickly on the market. I guess sooner or later they are going to have to put out a recall for all the cars like mine that have the old design flawed system. I am hoping this puts an end to my troubles with the car, but if not I am documenting everything so if I do have to use the Lemon Law I am prepared. I got a form off the Internet from a Lemon Law lawyer. It does suck though. You buy a new car NOT to have car trouble. Oh well, I’m trying to stay calm and not overreact like I usually do. What will happen will happen. If it comes to me having to get a lawyer I will. Oh, and the only rental Enterprise had out here was a Lincoln Towncar!!!!! LOL Not my kind of car AT ALL. Love, G

  3. Geri June 6, 2011 at 3:38 pm #

    Hey Girl, I feel ya’. Can’t believe it’s been 11 years since the “gang” took that long ride together to Arkansas to your nuptials. Time sure flies. And yes I looked around that room too looking for “him”. It just isn’t right. The kids shouldn’t have to live their lives without “him”. Makes me so sad. Glad you guys are getting it together financially. It doesn’t get any easier the older you get. You have to learn to save and be frugal when you’re young. I should know (I didn’t). Well, love you bunches. Oh, my car’s still in the shop, God knows when I will get it back, it literally had a meltdown. I got a rental right now a Lincoln Towncar!!!!!! LOL Love you and the whole fan damily.

    • bitchinmommy June 6, 2011 at 10:23 pm #

      That sucks about your car, G. What the hell is wrong with it? Has it been less than 3 months? I’d call it a lemon and get a new one. If you’re stuck at home and want to get out during the day, give me a call – don’t text. Stupid ass phone still won’t make notification sounds so I never know when I get a text. I’m only keeping the other kids Thursday and Friday this week so I’m able to get out if you want. Love ya too!

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