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I am Woman, Hear Me ROAR!!!

27 Jun

Bitch of the Moment:

One should not be fuming after a relaxing soak in the pool. But I am. Some dipshit has gone and riled up the Feminazi in me by saying something in a sad attempt to be funny, coy, what-the-fuck-ever.

After he bitched on a friend’s Facebook post how unfair it is that gay men are lumped (by other gay men) into all sorts of subsets based on appearance and preferred sexual positioning before being deemed date-able or not, this guy then decided to share his observations (as a gay man) on how women decide if men are dating material: “Last I checked women don’t decide a guy is not date material based only on specific physical criteria. They’re more worried about their annual income ;)”

First of all, if he thinks women don’t base whether of not a man is date-worthy based on specific, physical characteristics they possess, well then he obviously doesn’t know ANY fucking women. I’ve heard my fellow ladies stipulate that in order for them to date someone, that person: Can’t be bald, can’t be short, must be tall, must be blonde, has to be skinny, has to be built, so on and so forth. Women are just as shallow as men, gay or straight, in this area. Women are more likely than men to overcome any physical objections they might have about a possible mate if they get to know them and have come to like/love them as a person. All this is moot since that is not what gave me a case of the red-ass.

What pissed off the usually quiet feminist in me is the “annual income” remark followed by the little smiley face. I’d like to punch this shithead in his smiley face. First of all, while there may be a group of women who do base a man’s “dateability” on his bank account, they certainly aren’t the majority. To lump all women into the gold-digger pot is absurd, insulting and just fucking stupid. I don’t know this guy (gladly so,) but it makes me wonder what type of women he surrounds himself with. Again, I’m convinced he doesn’t know any – none worth a shit anyway.

Most women who have decided to be with someone couldn’t give a shit less about their monetary worth. If a woman decides not to date a man, it’s because he falls in one of her “subsets” based on physical/personality criteria. Example, the “Schmuck Subset”: Douchebags, Girly-Men, Frat Boys (interchangeable with Douchebags,) Momma’s Boys, Metrosexuals (not to be confused with Girly-Men,) Assholes, Meatheads and on and on. Or, likelier than insufficient funds in his account, she might have decided not to date him because he was a lousy lay. We womenfolk can be just as harsh as men in that arena which has absolutely NOTHING to do with fucking money. What a fucking twatwaffle. ARGH!

To add insult to injury, as the comments were flying back and forth, he retorts to one of my comments with this: “… but I do think money matters more. A lot of women will date a guy that is everything they hate if they can convince them they’ll spoil them. Let’s take a douchebag frat-boy who isn’t very doable then make him CEO of Giant Douche LLC and see how his prospects change.” Who the hell is this guy hanging out with??? Do any of you know a woman who would be with someone they abhor just for monetary spoils? Are there enough shiny new cars or diamonds that would make being with a complete cock-knocker tolerable for you or anyone you know? I just cannot fathom the kind of women this guy is referring to. It would take an awfully ignorant woman to be with a man who represents “everything they hate” just for the sake of nice shit. Well, considering how stupid he is, it shouldn’t surprise me that he’d associate with cunts women like that. He and those women (if they actually exist) should go play in traffic. Grrrrr!!!

*Since this was an impromptu blog, fueled by seething anger for someone so ignorant, I do not have a Bitchin Moment prepared at this time. I did not want to put off posting this for fear that the anger would wane, therefore losing the “need” there was for me to introduce you all to this whiny bitch. I’ll try to make the next Bitchin Moment really good to make up for it.

Later Bitches!

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